About MDS interiors

MDS interiors is a regional design firm based in Singapore. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in building interior spaces, we have helped transformed numerous projects from dreams to realities.

Our repertoire includes hospitality make-overs for renowned international hotels, sprawling F&B outlets and restaurants, exquisite show suites for major real estate developers and palatial residences of prestigious locales. Our continuous search for excellence and uncompromising attention to fine-finishing have elicited invaluable praises from customers and are testaments of the passion we have for our craft.

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About our logo

The MDS logo reinforces our philosophy of "less is more".

Comprising of seven dots, it spells the letters 'm', 'd' and 's', the initial of our founders. The grey dots are the intersection of the three letters, representing the synergy forge from the partnership.


Mark Lim, Design and Marketing


Dominic Chee, Operations


Susan Soh, Projects



phone +65 6877 1381

fax +65 6760 2646

office 48 hillview terrace, hillview building #04-01 singapore 669269 SEE MAP

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The art of Interior Design

Interior design is the art of complementing and contrasting various design elements. The essence of interior design lies in the selection of wallpaper, fabric, finishes and complementary accessories which could include lamps, pictures, lighting and flowers.

Here I would like to take you through some of my key elements when it comes to home and decor.

Look at the shell and identify focal points

To start, look at the basic shell of a room and consider all its potential. No matter how unpromising the existing house design is, you can look around and imagine everything stripped away, with only the skeleton remaining.

Every house design needs a centrepiece. This focal point is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the decorating scheme and ties the total look together. It is also useful because it will draw the eye away from less pleasing aspects of the room.

Finishing Touches

Not all rooms require a major renovation. Many of them can be given a simple renovation by eliminating some things, repositioning others and introducing a few new buys.


Never underestimate the importance of light (both natural and artificial) in a room. Light is one of the elements that is always worth spending time and money on to get it right.

A good interior design company should always provide their customer with lighting design ideas as part of their total design concept.


When using colour don’t fall into the trap of worrying over what goes with what. In reality, you can mix any colour with any other; the trick is to balance the intensity of the colours.

Colour fashions come and go and an experienced interior designer should have evolved collections over the years that complement each other.